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In Thailand, each region has its surprise: Bangok is a vibrating metropolis, full of contrasts; Chiang Mai, cultural center of the nerthern part of the country, is surrounded by beautiful mountains offers several activities, from boat rides to walking tours.

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Chile - Atacama Desert

The images of Atacama Desert, in north, Chile, are mesmerizing. They go from sandy highlands to mountains and volcanos, from extensive salt flats to geysers that expel jets of thermal water. Such a poetic and dramatic scenery at the same time.

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South Africa

Concentrating interests for different type of travelers, South Africa is a complete destination. Those who land in the country can taste haute cuisine, live unforgettable safari experience and see amazing landscapes.

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Lovers of outdoors activities find in Australia the perfect destination, full of atractions. In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, an intense cultural life meets the thrilling Australian lifestyle and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


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